Outdoor Signs America’s products are designed to offer unmatched functionality and ease of use at a value price. Our LED signs are no exception. Even if you’ve never owned an LED sign before, you’ll be amazed at how simple it is to get yours up and running.

Programming Your Sign

Install the software on the included USB drive or download it online. Once downloaded, simply type your message in the program’s text box to update it at will. Choose one or two lines of red LED text, adjust your message’s stay time, add movement effects, and adjust the speed. You can even format your message to display gas prices with decimals or fractions. To put your message on your LED sign, just export it to the USB drive with a click of a button and plug the drive into the USB port on the sign. That’s it! A tutorial video and online user manual can walk you through the finer points as needed.

Maximizing Your Message’s Impact

Consider several factors when deciding what your message should say and how. How fast is traffic passing by? How long will the average driver see your sign? Make sure your message is easy to read and that its pieces can stand alone and make relative sense should the driver not see the whole thing. Who’s going to see your sign? Will it be parents dropping their children off at school, a businessperson potentially interested in your services, or a hungry diner looking for a special new item or deal? Make sure your message speaks to your particular audience; the more relevant it is to their interests, the more successful you’ll be.

Change your message often. Luckily, with our programmable Windows-based software, that’s very easy to do. The less often you change your message, the less people will pay attention since they’ll think they’ve already seen it before. Also make sure that your sign doesn’t become old and dingy-looking. Keep it clean and replace changeable letters as needed. Remember, your sign is the face you’re presenting to the public.

Making Your Sign Work Even Harder

If you’re ready to take your LED signs to the next level, consider adding a wheel kit, which handily turns moving your sign into a one-person job. Easily installed and compatible with all OSA portable outdoor signs, these wheels will help you protect your sign from the elements and thereby extend its life.

Outdoor Signs America also offers customization options. Our talented Art Department can create custom LED graphics, static or animated. Just tell us what you have in mind and we’ll design something that will wow you and deliver it via email. If you’d like something custom but less costly, we also offer custom sign faces. We’ll use your custom artwork to create two sign faces measuring 24" x 72" each.

Whatever your business’s size or needs, Outdoor Signs America carries outdoor and window LED signs that can help you effectively communicate with your target market while staying on budget. We offer industry low prices and an interest-free payment plan. Pay just 50 percent of your total cost up front, and pay the remaining balance over the next 6 months. Learn more about our payment plan or call one of our customer support specialists at (800) 239-9990 to get started today!