Sign Letters

Outdoor Signs America offers the highest quality sign letters at the best prices! All of our changeable sign letters, numbers, and symbols are made of durable, high-impact acrylic that will withstand exposure to the elements.

Sign letters come in multiple styles.
Please ensure that you select the correct style of letter for your sign.

For OSA Changeable Letter Signs, browse our Changeable Sign Letters category for flexible 0.03” acrylic letters designed to bend into the changeable copy track that holds them in place. Available in 4”, 6” and 8”.

For Stewart™ signs, view our Gemini Sign Letters category for thick, durable sign letters made specifically for this line of signs. These non-flexible acrylic sign letters are strong enough to prevent warping and keep letters in place under most wind conditions. Will NOT work with OSA-brand signs or sidewalk signs.

For Sidewalk Signs, shop our Sidewalk Sign Letters category for flexible letters, symbols, and sign numbers made for black and white sidewalk signs.

Sign Letters

Letter Styles

Changeable Sign Letters Gemini Sign Letters Sidewalk Sign Letters
Changeable Sign Letters Gemini Sign Letters Sidewalk Sign Letters
For OSA changeable letter and similar signs
For OSA changeable letter and similar signs
For Stewart™ and similar signs
For Stewart and similar signs
For sidewalk signs
For Sidewalk signs
Available in 4", 6", 8" and double-line 16" letters. Available in 3", 4", 6", 8" and 10" letters. Available in 4" and 5" letters.
0.03" thick, flexible with clear back 0.08" thick, non-flexible with clear or black back 0.03" thick, flexible with white or black back

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Non-Flexible Sign Letters Additional Info

Gemini Letter Fonts

Gemini Pronto™ premium letters come in several font styles. If you are attempting to match existing letters, compare the letter "D" from your existing letter set to the images below.

Font Comparison

The font name may also be written at the top of the letter.
An "S" at the top right indicates the Stewart font.

Gemini Letter Fonts