Do you need a changeable-letter sign or an outdoor LED sign? What about a sidewalk sign? Browse any outdoor sign shop, and you’ll be overwhelmed by the number of choices. But which is right for you? Making a smart decision about your business’s outdoor signage means considering a number of factors related to your budget, location, and messaging, as well as the sign’s durability and weather resistance. Ask yourself these five questions when shopping for an outdoor sign, and you’ll quickly find the right one for your business.

1. Where will your outdoor sign be located? Let’s answer that question with another question: Is the traffic you hope to attract on foot or vehicular? If your business is located in an outdoor mall or shopping center where people frequently walk past, sidewalk signs are a great way to advertise your latest promotions, allowing you to easily change out messages as needed. For businesses that mainly attract vehicular traffic, flashing arrow signs, changeable letter signs, or outdoor LED signs are your best bet. Which one you choose will depend on the length and update frequency of your messages.

2. How long are your messages? How often will they change? Refuse to answer these questions, and you might end up with a sign that doesn’t provide enough space for your marketing messages. Our outdoor LED signs offer spatial flexibility. Every LED display we carry can display one line of 12" text (up to 10 characters) or two lines of 5.5" text (up to 13 characters each). An LED display with changeable letter faces gives you extra room for changeable-letter text, which remains static while your LED messaging changes. All of our outdoor signs take just minutes to update, making them suitable for both short-term and long-term promotions. Most businesses tend to choose sidewalk signs for short-term messages such as daily or weekly specials and LED signs and changeable-letter signs for longer-term promotions, but it’s really up to you to determine the most practical sign for your business.

3. How will you go about changing your sign’s messaging? Understanding every step of a sign’s operation is crucial to making an informed buying decision. With changeable letter signs and sandwich board signs, replacing text is as easy as sliding sign letters into tracking. And with write-on/wash-off sidewalk signs, the process is as simple as the sign’s name. But our outdoor LED signs are also surprisingly easy to use while offering an array of eye-catching features. Included software lets you modify the duration of your message, add transition effects, and control effect speeds for each screen. Messages can be previewed then transferred from your computer to the sign using an included USB drive. Simply download the Sign Programmer Software and follow our step-by-step user manual to get your messages up in no time!

4. How durable do you need your sign to be? Not all outdoor signs are created equal, so keep quality—and your sign’s location—in mind when you’re shopping around. Outdoor Signs America’s products are made to last. With built-in UV protection and a 10-year warranty against yellowing, our changeable letter signs and outdoor identification signs retain their original bright-white background. A steel sign cabinet with baked-on black enamel paint ensures your sign is protected from the elements and looks good for years to come. And unlike industry-standard PVC flex sign letters, our high-impact acrylic changeable sign letters won’t yellow or become brittle. Plus, our Patented DryLok™ Electronic Ballast with Instant Start regulates the lamp current in LED signs and flashing arrow signs to provide sufficient voltage while preventing premature burnout.

5. What is your budget? Will you need financing? Outdoor LED signs offer tremendous benefits to small businesses, but some small business owners assume the cost will be prohibitive. With Outdoor Signs America’s industry low prices and interest-free payment plan, owning one is easier and more affordable than ever. Pay only 50 percent of your total cost up front, and pay the remaining balance over the next six months.

Learn more about our payment plan or call one of our customer support specialists at (800) 239-9990 to get started today!